Mummy and sister on bonding with a newborn.

Little Miss Evelyn is now 3 months old and she is my best friend. Of course Orla and Lewis are too, and Phoebe obviously!!!

I wanted to start bonding with Evelyn before she was born. Not only me but Lewis and Orla too. I started giving Orla jobs such as looking after Evelyns clothes, so I would keep her clothes in a box in Orlas room. I have a stethoscope and I used to put it on my bump and the little noises that came through it, Orla thought it was Evelyn talking to her so Orla would talk back. Making sure Orla didn’t feel left out was my priority.

The past few months have been glorious being able to get to know each other and see her grow. Evelyn arrived 3 weeks earlier than expected, all is written in my ’21 and pregnant’ post. Because I was in college with Orla, I don’t feel I spent enough time bonding with her. Because I am on maternity leave I am appreciating every moment I have with Evelyn. She changes and blossoms everyday.

Skin to skin. The first bond I had with Evelyn was skin to skin contact as soon as she was born. I really wanted this and I did do it with Orla also. Evelyn was born ‘cold’ so skin to skin was so important. As soon as I held her I was in love.

Breastfeeding. Our plan was to breastfeed. I was so so happy when it was working. By me breastfeeding, I felt so close to Evelyn and that I was giving her the best. We also did skin to skin when breastfeeding. Unfortunately, the breastfeeding hit rocks, I will write a post on our breastfeeding journey to explain.

Cuddles. With Evelyn, I never want to put her down. I could cuddle her all day, every day.

Stories and songs. I enjoy telling Evelyn stories and showing her pictures, maybe she has no clue what I am doing and may want me to shut my mouth but I enjoy it, I want her to know my voice. We also love singing. Orla especially loves singing nursery rhymes to Evelyn.

Bath time. I can’t be 100% that Evelyn enjoys bath time but I have now started putting her in the bath with Orla. At first, I was a bit nervous to do this because Orla loves the bath with lots of bubbles and toys but I explained to her that the bath has to be ‘plain’ when Evelyn is in there but once she is out Orla can have all her toys there. Orla completely understood and now asks if they have a bath together. This is the time where the girls can enjoy each others company.

Wear the baby. It doesn’t happen that often because I tend to drive everywhere but when I can I wear Evelyn in a carrier. She loves being held, every time she has been in the carrier she has fallen asleep because she is so cosy. I wear her when we want to go places where the pram isn’t suitable so it could be walking Phoebe on the beach or the parks.

Baby massage. I am wanting to go to some mummy groups where they do baby massage but for now I just do it at home. I have no clue what I am doing, if it is right or not but Evelyn seems to enjoy it and it is quality time with her.

I am completely loving this time off with Evelyn and each day she grows. I am really struggling with seeing her grow, I really want her to stay a baby but the future excites me and she will be 18 in no time!

Erin X x

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